Chair-based Christianity

The local further education college has created a brochure, detailing all the courses available to adults across Lancashire and their respective costs and venues. I was amused to read that under the Health and Wellbeing section, two courses entitled Introduction to Chair Based Exercise are being offered in June. Wonderful! I can get fit without taking the trouble of leaving my house or even getting off my chair. That’s how I prefer it, you see. Going jogging or lifting weights is incredibly tiresome. I have no doubt, however, that should I bother to book the course, I would find there is more to it, and that it does house-bound folk a world of good.

I do wonder if I’ve adopted Chair Based Christianity. It’s wonderfully more convenient to like and share Christian pictures and memes on social media than it is to do proper evangelism on the streets and to make an actual stand in the public square. 

Image by Peter H from Pixabay