Christians are the Most Persecuted Minority

The Times newspaper wrote this, nearly a decade ago:

‘Across the globe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, Christians are being bullied, arrested, jailed, expelled and executed. Christianity is by most calculations the most persecuted religion of modern times. Yet Western politicians until now have been reluctant to speak out in support of Christians in peril… We cannot be spectators at this carnage.’

Paul Coleman, in Spiked, commented last month:

Yet here we are, almost 10 years on, and very little has changed. The persecution has intensified and the silence of Western leaders continues to be deafening. The wilful indifference of Western politicians to the plight of Christians is striking. In the EU, members of the European Parliament recently rejected a motion to debate Christian persecution and failed to condemn the murder of Deborah Emmanuel. In the US, the Biden administration removed Nigeria from its list of ‘countries of particular concern’ – a decision that becomes more shocking by the day.

The Gatestone Institute estimates that 360 million Christians are harassed, discriminated against and often killed. It states that between 1/10/20 - 30/9/2021, 5898 Christians were murdered ‘for their faith’, while 6,175 believers were detained without trial, arrested, sentenced or imprisoned, and 3,829 were abducted. Why? Because they love Jesus Christ more than their lives, liberties and possessions.

Persecution is not coming- it’s here, now. And our brethren in the developing and Arab worlds have more courage and perseverance in their little fingers than we have in our whole bodies. Our brothers and sisters are suffering 24 hours of imprisonment each day, while many of us are too feeble or lazy to attend an hour’s service on a Sunday.

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay