Church of the Burning Bush

At St Andrew’s Church, at Kirkandrews on Esk, the rather attractive building has a fine azalea bush growing by its main entrance. Either because of its natural shape, or the way it has been trimmed, in addition to the bright colour of its blooms, it reminded me of the so-called burning bush of Moses. I always think this a strange name, seeing as it was the bush’s failure to burn that made it notable. Ironically, this fiery shrub is the symbol of Scottish Presbyterianism, whose churches are found just a mile or so north across the border, but to which this parish church does not belong.

In Exodus chapter 3, God reveals Himself to Moses, shares His redemptive plans and then commissions him to go about His business. Although our churches and chapels are nowhere near so spectacular, and the preacher’s voice not so booming nor authoritative as the Great I AM’s, I pray that our chapel will grow more like that flaming vegetation. That here, our great God’s name will be heard and proclaimed; that His great redemption be faithfully preached, and that we, commissioned to go from here into an oppressive world, preach liberty to captives.