Civil Disobedience

Whenever I visit a foreign country, I seem to witness civil disobedience and protest. I was in Rome a few years ago and had to wend my way through the pickets of a city-wide strike. At Jerusalem in ’17, the riot police were out in force, water cannons at the ready. In Hong Kong right now, protests have turned to ‘mob violence’. 

We in Britain have avoided such expressions of frustration for nearly a decade, but only last week a large demo took place in our capital opposing British exit of the EU. They were mainly older, middle-class Waitrose shoppers with A-level French, so foreign visitors had little to fear. Still, it is a reminder of our not infrequent dissatisfaction with human government. Some human rulers are corrupt, others merely incompetent. Deep down, we know there are better ways to run our planet and govern our race. In our hearts, we yearn for that perfect, heavenly administration our ancestors rejected so long ago. Thank God, He is planning to restore it, replacing all other imperfect governance:

And the Lord shall be King over all the earth.

In that day it shall be—

“The Lord is one,”

And His name one.

Zech. 14:9