The Cleansing of the Arms Factory

In this country, it's still unusual to see a clergyman arrested and taken to court. Rev W___ was, back in October. He allegedly broke into the BAE site at Warton in Lancashire in order to disarm jets. Rev W___was troubled by events in Yeman, and evidently thought that damaging the fighter planes was making a stand for those suffering in the war. A video of him on the BBC website shows him saying that he did a fine thing. 
I looked up Rev W___ on Twitter. He often spends his days retweeting left-wing politicians like Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn and enjoys calling on Mrs May to resign. If he has such a deep interest in politics, why didn’t he seek to change government policy via the ballot box rather than allegedly damaging other people’s property? 
Interestingly, he cites the example of Christ cleansing the temple, wherein He overthrew the money changers’ tables in order to address the injustice taking place there. One significant difference between the two, however, is that Christ was not damaging anyone else’s property- the temple was His to start with. 
I would point out that Rev W___ and his colleague were found not guilty at court, though he is on record of saying he would do ‘it’ again. I’m therefore not sure what exactly he did, though I am clear he has no criminal record. 
Image by MasterTux from Pixabay