Commando (1985)

What strikes the viewer about Colonel John Matrix in Commando (1985) is his inability to compromise with the bad guys. An agent of his daughter’s kidnapper sits in his house, saying:

“Mellow out man. We can't talk business with you waving guns in people's faces. Your daughter is safe, Colonel. Now whether she stays that way is up to you. My people, they got some business with you. And if you want your kid back, then you gotta co-operate, right?”

“Wrong”, replies Matrix, and shoots him.

Forced to fly to South America to assassinate some politician in return for his daughter’s life, he jumps out of the plane as it takes off, having quietly killed his guard, instructing the hostess:

“Please don't wake my friend. He's dead tired.”

The so-called Church could learn a lesson or two from the fictional Colonel. Whereas many denominations are increasingly just stale imitations of current worldly values, a minority stand firm and steadfast against the increasing pressure regarding sexuality, transgenderism, climate-panic and interfaithism. The real gospel has never been popular, but it alone can release captives.

Image by S K from Pixabay