Confused Crossings in Rochdale

Rochdale Council in Greater Manchester has boasted on its Facebook page that it has now installed ‘LGBT gender lights’ on some of its highway crossings. The page explained: 

A big thank you to Siemens for providing the borough with gender lights Here are some pictures of Middleton's lights, there is also one in Rochdale and one in Heywood - keep an eye out for them! (there are LGBT and heterosexual lights)  Thanks to Transport for Greater Manchester for supporting this #RochdaleinRainbows 

Well might a follower of the page respond:

New Just wandering what has sexuality or gender got to do with road traffic safety???? People might say it’s for Equality BUT surely the equality is that the traffic lights help to keep EVERYONE safe regardless of sexuality or gender..... or have I missed something here??? Please someone enlighten me.

I too need enlightening. I’m all for tolerating lifestyles which might be at odds with traditional values, but road safety should not be used as a loudspeaker for proclaiming social policies and pet liberalism. It’s a wonder such energy didn’t kick in when vulnerable girls, some of them runaways or in the care of social services, were plied with drink and driven all over the north to have sex with nine Rochdale men, convicted in June 2019 of 21 counts of sexual abuse.

According to the Stats and Maps website, using the most readily available data from 2016, there were 37 Rochdale families housed in temporary accommodation and 63 homeless individuals. Whilst acknowledging these figures are now three years old and the Council’s good offices might have reduced both stats to zero, it seems incredible that they have the time and energy to pursue such gimmicks with traffic lights when there are people sleeping rough.