Constant Church of Change

I recently read a church's Facebook page; I am always up for a laugh. 

We are based on the border of F___. We are a Charismatic Contemporary Church in a constant state of change and innovation as we seek to find new ways to communicate the Good News of Jesus. You will find a warm welcome and diverse group of believers that love the Lord, love people and are passionate about the Kingdom of God.

Much of this laudable, but did you spot it? Here is a church ‘in a constant state of change’, a phrase laced with paradox. If it simply means it seeks new ways of evangelising, then fair enough, but even here there are problems. If it finds a great means of outreach, will it automactically scrap it the week after, in order to prove it is in a constant state of change?

The world keeps changing, the hollow philosophies of fallen man are always in flux. Fashions come and go, ideas fade and resurrect, false teachings appear, disappear and reappear. The solidity and changelessness of heaven’s God, the gospel He provides and the church He saves, are unchanging, unswerving and invariable.

I have no doubt this church means well and serves the Lord as it sees best, but in so fluid a world, I would have thought that timelessness and endurance were better marketing mantras than change and innovation.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay