Crossing the Rainbow

If the 1970s stereotypical British police officer was a racist homophobe, fifty years later, the opposite is the case. The British copper loves nothing more than painting his face for the annual Pride march, altering his uniform and even walking around in a pair of fishnets and high heels (photos online). His celebration of all things liberal seldom extends to people of a traditional Christian world view; this facepaint-wearing embodiment of modern British culture also enjoys locking up street preachers as suppliers of ‘hate’.

Well imagine the embarrassed outrage at Sheffield Police HQ when videos this week emerged of two of the constabulary’s employees refusing to walk across a rainbow-painted street. One went the long way round, the other passed over with gritted teeth after much forceful persuasion from a higher-up colleague. Will they be fired, put out to pasture, their services no longer needed by a modern, forward-thinking police force?

The two horses in question will no doubt be subject to a disciplinary hearing. South Yorkshire Police cannot be seen to tolerate such intolerance. I fear the two mares may be dismissed for refusing to walk on the coloured tarmac. Senior officers will be briefing the press soon, assuring the nation and the good burghers of Sheffield that their social liberalism is still very much intact.  

It took an ass to point of the foolishness of Balaam, but it takes two horses to expose the foolish obsessions and gimmicks of our cultural elite.