Cuckoo Pint

If I were a small child, I would have been so tempted to pick this plant and eat it. It looks like a lollipop sticking out of the ground. Here is a stem upon which grows bright, juicy berries. It is called Cuckoo Pint, yet it also goes by other names: Adam and Eve, adder's root, devils and angels, lords-and-ladies, naked boys, snakeshead. These are all rather appropriate, because it is highly poisonous; if swallowed, the mouth and throat would swell causing breathing difficulties, as well throwing into the bargain a painful stomach. The Bible teaches that through Adam and Eve, moral poison- ‘sin’, entered the bloodline and kills us off. The associations with the devil, a snake, nakedness, lordship and roots I shall leave you to make.

Interestingly, another of its vernacular names is jack in the pulpit. Poison can come from pulpits as well as parentage. Let us guard carefully what teachings we hear. This particular specimen was growing outside Salem Chapel of all places: we too must be on our guard.