The Current Mrs Tweddill


Memory of SARAH

Daughter of John & Sarah Tweddill

who died, October 8, 1808

Aged 2 Years & 9 Months

Just another sad, Georgian gravestone, among the hundreds one may inspect in the seaside town of Scarborough. Look again at the stone itself: the wife’s name is carved on to a removable piece. Was this so Mr Tweddill could update the stone with a subsequent wife’s name? Or had an early typo been clumsily rectified by cutting out one section and replacing with another? The latter, I hope.

How apt we are top replace one person’s name for another, be that a will's beneficiary, a marriage partner or a member of the Christmas card list. Thankfully, the Lord Jesus with whom we are heir, friend and well-beloved, is not so inclined to change His mind when someone better comes along. Thank God!