Dealing with Difficult Christians

I’ve been invited to attend a course. The advert arrived in my work inbox:

This course will show you how to prevent many ‘difficult' behaviours as well as a wealth of techniques to deal with those which arise regardless of your attempts to prevent them. It offers ways of managing and coping with the following ‘range of behaviours’:

-  Aggressive people – the verbal bully/intimidating person

-  The extra-terrestrial (the person from another planet)

-  The victim – the person who believes that you are plotting against them

-  The “mood hoover” – the negative person with a default setting of “no”

-  The know-all –  who knows more than anyone else about everything and is determined to prove it

-  The lazy person – who does the least possible in the greatest possible time

-  The yes but no but – the person who talks a good talk and fails to deliver

With a little, but not much, re-wording, one could create a similar course for pastors regarding Christians. I shy from doing so lest my current church membership (whom I love and respect) attempt to identify themselves in the descriptions. Indeed, as a small church, we are made up of delightful folk who love one another. Should we grow further, this imaginary course might prove useful.

The course costs £520 per person and it does always sell out very quickly so please book early if you'd like to join us.

This isn’t the cheapest training I’ve come across, and I always wonder why companies whose products ‘sell out quickly’ feel the need to bother advertising at all. 

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay