The Disappointment of Canterbury

The Most Reverend Justin Welby is a disappointing Archbishop of Canterbury, perhaps the worst there has ever been in recent years. As a non-conformist, I hardly have a right to complain, and yet, as the leader of the state church, his actions and pronouncements affect me and the entire country.

In December, he used his seat in the House of Lords to criticise grammar schools. The month before, he launched a document tackling ‘transphobic’ bullying in schools. He also launched a campaign to make larger corporations pay more tax. This month’s hot topic is the number of second homes in existence. I abhor any kind of bullying, and people can think what they like of selective education. I even think tax should be paid and I acknowledge that it’s harder to buy a house if rich people have 2 or 3 homes instead of one. But when will this ‘lord spiritual’ make the headlines for saying something spiritual? If he wishes to run the country, let him stand for election. If he wishes to be a spiritual leader, let him preach the gospel and make a stand.

The Church of England needs a giant to lead it right now; unfortunately, it’s been given a pygmy.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay