Dissolution of the Body

At Martin Top we have a small graveyard. There is surprisingly little space therein; by the time I die (assuming I die at an average age) there is unlikely to be sufficient room. As the country’s population increases, a premium is being placed on burial plots, making cremations a more attractive alternative. A third option has now appeared on the market: dissolution. Its technical name is alkaline hydrolysis, and it is being marketed in North America as a green alternative to burning. To cremate a single body, the crematorium uses enough energy to heat a house for a week during winter. Gently dissolving the cadaver requires far less energy. 

Perhaps the idea will take off, and we shall have dissolved remains interred at our chapel. Perhaps mine will be among them. Rest assured, it will make no difference to me one way or another, nor to the God who shall re-make my body at the resurrection.