Do you feel Called to be a Prophet?

Facebook has targeted some advertising at my account. A sponsored ad from Keith Ferrante asks:

Do you feel Called to be a Prophet? Or have you been called a Prophet but don't know what to do with that? Or maybe you don't know if you are a prophet, but you love the prophetic. Maybe you are enjoying growing in your prophetic gift...but you just know that there is know there is another level of power and authority available...and you want to step into it now! You see, I have been both a student, and a trainer of prophets for a number of years now... I have been blessed to have been Fathered, and mentored in my prophetic journey by Kris Vallotton, Dan McCollam, Georgian Banov, Wendell McGowen, and numerous other prophets and apostles... And there is definitely a big difference someone a prophetic word...

Naturally, I signed up immediately. Being a ‘pastor’ is okay, I guess, but ‘prophet’ certainly has a better ring to it. Perhaps my preaching would improve and more people would attend the meetings. Mr Ferranti’s website goes on:

Starting Monday 2/21 I will be doing a Prophetic Calling to Office Challenge. This is a free five day training where we are training on what an office prophet looks like today. You will get personal breakthrough in your prophetic journey and receive tools to become more effective in the kingdom.

As soon as I sent off my details, I received a special offer. Now I am known to be frugal in my spending habits, so I guess the offer below was prophetically calculated: I was invited to upgrade!

45 Minutes - 1 Hour Extra with Keith and the EP Team, giving you exclusive insights to help you step into your prophetic calling, times of encounter, and prophetic words

Keith's New Office Prophet Book in PDF form

Lifetime Access to the Recordings: Challenge & VIP Sessions

Discounted price : Entire package is valued at $500

You get for ONLY $97

Goodness me, I can become a higher-grade prophet for only 97 bucks; that’s fantastic value.

Ok, I could make lots of points here about whether Elijah charged so little for training up Elisha, about the worldly marketing tools and gimmicks employed, about the many silly people who see this advert and respond to it in a gullible, non-ironic way. I shall content myself with pointing out that Biblical prophets did not require such a course nor to pay such a fee, discounted or otherwise. Yet they paid with their popularity, friendships and health. Jeremiah was cast down a cistern, Isaiah sawn in two, Elijah threatened by his queen. How these great men must peer down from heaven and smile at the simpletons and wannabees who want the call that never comes for the pain they never anticipate. I will, however, answer my own question here:

If you feel called to be a prophet, repent, before you can do any real damage. 

Image by Guy Dugas from Pixabay