Dr Sarah Hypocrite

Another Conservative hypocrite. Or ex-Conservative, I should say. Sarah Wollaston, or ‘Dr Sarah’ as she prefers to be known, has refused to call a by-election in her Devon constituency having quit the Conservative Party for the new Independent Group. There’s nothing wrong with this. Under our First Past the Post system of elections, voters elect the person, not the party. So much as her Conservative-voting constituents might feel annoyed, their MP is well within her rights. But not morally, now she has been exposed by fellow MP Douglas Carswell. In 2011, she sponsored Chris Skidmore’s Bill requiring any MP who switches party to fight an immediate by-election. Although the Bill was defeated and failed to become law, her role as sponsor meant that it was an issue she felt strongly about. Back then, she was a loyal Conservative, appalled that fickle colleagues can jump ship with impunity and sit as independents. But now she has defected, a by-election is out of the question.

Funny, that. 

Psalm 118:8: It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man, or in this case, woman.

Image by Andy Reed from Pixabay