Falling to my Senses


While out walking with work colleagues yesterday afternoon, I managed to fall off a dry-stone wall over which I was meant to be climbing. It was four feet high on my side, but 7-8 on the other (not the ten I think I told people). Losing my balance, I managed to land somewhere between my backside and left knee. Although I went on to walk another four miles, the pain increased with each furlong, and I spent the rest of the afternoon a-laying down. Like a man twice my age, I attended last night’s Church Meeting with a walking stick and sorry expression.  

Falls are painful and debilitating, but they do us good. Now I know I’m not as agile as I thought. The joke I made to a retiring colleague last week about installing a stairlift has come back to bite me, seeing as I now climb stairs in a peculiar side-step motion. Perhaps it will give me increased sympathy levels for people with limited mobility.

God could have caught me. He might have turned the ground to jelly. He might have made me as nimble and quick as old Jack. He didn’t, though. He knew it would do me good. Remember that, the next time life gives you a drop or fall.

Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that woe and well-being proceed? Lam. 3:38


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay