Fernleaf Yarrow

This fernleaf yarrow grows in our chapel grounds. Its Latin name is Achillea filipendulina, the plant being named after the Greek hero Achilles. That man of legend was said to have staunched bleeding wounds with the its flowers and leaves.

Bruce Louden interestingly compared the legends of Achilles with the Biblical account of Samson in the book of Judges. I suspect the ancient Greeks, who were cousins to the Philistines, claimed this supernaturally-strengthened warrior as their own. This means that we have a floral tribute to the Hebrew Samson growing in our soil. Like many believers, Samson proved to be something of a disappointment. Yet his death was the most successful and glorious part of his life. Samson was a rather flawed man, and it was really during his last days when he was blind and weak that he proved most faithful. Be encouraged, therefore; your best days are yet to come.