First Misdirect

I’m switching banks again! It is not a habit I particularly wished to perfect, but for the second time in one year, I have swapped current accounts. I left HSBC in the summer because of some incompetence on their part, and moved to First Direct. So glad was I of the change: any problem I had, I called their Leeds number and after very little wait, was put through to a real human being who invariably solved my problem.

Last week, I tried to bank a cheque. The app took a photo of it and then credited the amount to my balance. That same day, the amount was debited and a message explained that the writing was not clear. No problem, I shall phone them up and take their advice. The lady said that because the cheque had been rejected, it could never be used again. I proposed banking it in person, but this solution was dismissed as unworkable. No, I would have to request a fresh cheque, and hope the same did not happen. This seemed very unsatisfactory. So I applied for an account with another bank, one with a poorer reputation for customer care, but one likely to successfully receive cheques.

I called First Direct afterwards to advise them of my decision. The nice lady in the complaints department listened carefully, before explaining that I could in fact bank the cheque in person, or even post it to them. When I disputed this, she went to double check and confirmed it was correct. So I had left the bank for nothing, and they a customer. I had been given misinformation and acted accordingly.

I wonder how many people have been put off the gospel by hearing misinformation? They have not heard it properly explained or honesty preached, and have rejected it based upon some ignorant testimony or misleading counsel. Some people reject Christ because of the heavy requirements to perform rituals they believe He demands. Others think Him harsh for making them live pious lives only to burn them in purgatory for several millennia. Others are told He lived and died to merely set them examples, no more.

Don’t allow the cults, sects, charlatans and dunderheads to lead you away from the real Christ of the Bible. Read His words for yourself and weigh them on their own merit. A good bank this week lost a good customer, but must hell gain a misled sinner whom heaven would have freely received?

Image by TheOtherKev from Pixabay