Freedom from the Cults

Last week, Tony Brown from Bradford spoke at our mid-week Bible study, giving a general introduction to the cults. As well as referring to such usual suspects as Scientology and the Watchtower, he shared about a number of groups which were more financially and politically based. You can hear him here:

I was keen to know his cult definition- how do I prove that Salem Chapel is not one?

Tony addressed this issue comprehensively. A cult is a group which seeks to control your life, your money and your freedom. They make it hard to leave by shunning ex-members and preferring families to split rather than former adherents be tolerated. So, for the record:

-Membership of Salem Chapel saves no-one. Only Christ can do this. 

-Those who attend are invited to support the chapel financially- but this is between you, God and your purse- no-one else.  

-Other churches, even ones which disagree with us on certain doctrines and practices, preach salvation and teach truth.

-People may leave when ever they wish; those that do so will be loved, cherished and wished well.

-We seek not to control anyone’s life, though the Christian will naturally wish to submit to Christ, whose will is revealed in scripture.

-The pastor is neither a prophet nor a priest. He has no revelations from God other than those found in the Bible, which are available to all.

The cults have never been so active. Maybe you have been a part of one and are feeling confused or wary of organised religious groups. Perhaps you are in one now, secretly checking out this and other websites, knowing your superiors would not approve. 


Jesus said “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

John 8:32


Jesus said “I am the truth”. 

John 14:6