Fuel for Winter

Each year I have wood delivered to my house to burn during the winter. It’s one of those jobs that must be done during the summer or early autumn. Ordering wood when it’s already snowing is too late. It would be like paying into a pension when one has already retired. Now it’s all delivered and stacked, the winter can do its worst while I sit by the fire in my snug little parlour.

In Matthew 7, the wise and foolish builders construct their respective properties before the coming of the storm. In this regard, even the fool did what was wise. It was only when the storm came that the fool’s selection of foundation was shown to be imprudent. We Christians must heed the garden birds who fatten themselves up in the benign but cooling autumnal sun, that they might have reserves enough for winter’s icy reign. We too must feed off God’s word, develop our prayer life and grow in grace, so that when the spiritual Winter finally manifests, Christ’s warning does not apply to us: 

And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

-Matthew 24:12

Rather than exuding light and heat, these believers absorb the dark, frosty chill of their surroundings. Winter’s coming- go and prepare.