The Galah is also known as the pink and grey cockatoo. It is another exotic-looking Australian bird with its grey and punk feathers and its noisy conduct, making it easily recognisable. Galah is Aussie slang for a fool and the bird, though intelligent, does display foolish traits. When bored, it picks off tree bark, which eventually kills the tree. Yet trees it requires for its roosting, nesting and sheltering from the summer sun. Although the land has more trees than the Galah is able to destroy, it seems odd that it would be so destructive of its own environment. It reminds us, surely, of another species of fool, called Man. He pollutes the rivers from which he drinks, pumps poisons into the sea from which he fishes and drops litter in the fields in which his cattle graze. In addition, he denies or neglects the God who made him. 

Image by pen_ash from Pixabay