Gibson Mill, Christ's Work

Relatives and I recently visited Gibson Mill, by Hardcastle Craggs between Burnley and Hebden Bridge. It is an attractive old water mill hidden among the trees and bluebells of a most delectable valley. It was built around 1800, but by 1900 it was an ex-mill, functioning as a ‘fun-palace’ before the First World War, and included a restaurant, dance hall and roller skating rink.

It did not strike me as the best located amusement park in the pre-car age, but its essence of pleasure has remained to this day. Now it is a museum, a relaxing stop-over for those visiting the crags, and a place where local Guardian readers can purchase their lattes and tut-tut at the latest governmental gaff. A place of hard utility, of manufacturing toil and labouring sweat became a place of relaxation within a hundred years and has continued in this role ever since.  

The Bible often talks about Christians as being God’s servants, and the work they do for Him. Yet the closer we grow to Christ, the more such work becomes pleasure. Sharing the joy of the gospel with a seeker, giving to those who lack, encouraging the waverer- such things bring pleasure to those who would live for Jesus. Well might He say in Matthew 11:30: For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.

1 There is joy in serving Jesus,

As I journey on my way,

Joy that fills the heart with praises,

Ev'ry hour and ev'ry day.


There is joy, joy,

Joy in serving Jesus,

Joy that throbs within my heart;

Ev'ry moment, ev'ry hour,

As I draw upon His power,

There is joy, joy,

Joy that never shall depart.


2 There is joy in serving Jesus,

Joy that triumphs over pain,

Fills my soul with heaven's music,

Till I join the glad refrain. [Refrain]


3 There is joy in serving Jesus,

As I walk alone with God.

'Tis the joy of Christ, my Saviour,

Who the path of suffering trod. [Refrain]


4 There is joy in serving Jesus,

Joy amid the darkest night.

For I've learned the wondrous secret,

And I'm walking in the light. [Refrain]

-Oswald Smith