God’s Love: Hate Crime in Essex

Another hate crime may have been committed! The police have been contacted and are investigating this worrying situation. The Labour Deputy-Leader of Basildon Council has been photographed by his local newspaper holding up the damning evidence- pernicious leaflets posted through letter boxes in Essex by ‘fundamentalist’ Christians. 

A spokesman for Essex Police said: “At the moment it is being treated as a hate incident. We received a report on Sunday, August 19 that leaflets with offensive messages on had been delivered to addresses. It is believed they were delivered on August 17”.

The leaflet uses rainbow colours and is entitled ‘What Comes after Pride’. In fact, no reference is made to any minority group, but the leaflet does describe God’s love. That’s right, even telling people that God loves them is now considered worthy of criminal investigation in modern Britain. 

I looked at the Council’s Deputy-Leader’s Twitter feed, who has been frenetically posting about these horrid hate crimes committed in his town. He also gets upset by the condition of Britain’s railways and the incompetence of his political rivals. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to have noticed the spectre of antisemitism that’s been haunting his party’s leadership for some months now. As Essex Police pore over the meaning of Christian tracts, Britain’s Jewish communities look nervously towards the next General Election.

Image by Manfred Zajac from Pixabay