The God-Man is No Longer Available

In the late nineties I was handed a leaflet upon which were written the words


Beneath was a picture of a balding man in front of some wavy lines, and some details of a meeting being held to get to know him. By popping down to the Woodhouse Quaker Meeting Room (shame on them) and paying three quid, I could become acquainted with Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj- the promised god-man. I had decided to keep the leaflet, a salient reminder of humanity’s obsession with deifying itself. Last night, I looked up the god-man to see what he has been getting up to since his meeting at Leeds. Apart from a number of law suits, allegations of sexual abuse and tax fraud, he inconveniently went and died in 2008. Whilst working on some artwork in Fiji, he had a fatal coronary. I guess no-one told his heart that it was divine and should live forever.

A God-Man did once walk the earth and He too died, not from a dicky heart but from a cruel cross, that believing sinners might live. Samraj claimed that Jesus had only reached the sixth stage of spiritual development, whereas he had attained the seventh and final. At some point soon, if it isn’t already happening, these two god-men are going to meet. The balding American charlatan (real name Franklin Jones), and the eternally generated, dazzlingly glorious Son of God, second person of the Triune Godhead and Creator of all Life, are certain to have a candid interview.   


Among the gods there is none like You, O Lord;

Nor are there any works like Your works.

Psalm 86:8