Golden Last

I was intrigued to learn about the Scarborough Pub, The Golden Last. About its name I can find nothing at all, but its clientele is well advertised. Irish-themed pubs are common enough, but this one is proudly Unionist and Loyalist, with pictures of King Billy, St Edward’s Crowns and Ulster’s red hand prominent throughout. Its Facebook page advertises the Loyal Orange Order Marches, while declaring

Scarborough's only Loyalist bar presents a weekend of sash bash and karaoke/ orangeoke. Friday night and Saturday afternoon, karaoke. Saturday from 6pm, special guest Loyalist DJ. WATP

Not to be missed.

It is of course possible to be staunchly Protestant, rejecting Rome’s man-made doctrines, without oneself being saved. A Christian is not one who simply rejects falsehood, but embraces truth; not a new list of correct doctrines, but Christ Himself, who is the way, the life and the truth. Only these will enter the golden last age of the world, whose glories never fade, whose King never dies.