The principality of Monaco has been subjected to a Channel 5 documentary on the super-rich who are pleased to call that little nation home. There, they harbour their yachts, drink fine wines and enjoy each other’s fascinating company. One man took out a lease on a flat for 33k euros per month. Another, who made his money from a chain of strip clubs, told an anecdote of how one afternoon, he woke up after a party with a headache and a thirty-thousand-euro bar bill. Hilarious. One woman commented that Monaco was so wonderful, she wanted to live there forever. The less charitable part of me wondered if a small tsunami or earthquake in that region might do us all a favour. These pampered poodles would not be the only ones to suffer in such a disaster of course, so I repented of my wandering thoughts. Yet scripture has few good things to say of the rich and their eternal prospects. That billionaire who wanted to live there forever will not get her wish granted, for she has an appointment with death which her money cannot defer. I do not admire the rich, I pity them.

A man with a wicked eye hasteth to riches, and knoweth not that poverty shall come upon him. Proverbs 28:22, Geneva

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay