Good Friday Meditation by Roger Carswell

As a young Christian I was greatly influenced by the two founders of United Beach Missions.  One of them, Lance Pibworth wrote this hymn, which is very apt for this Easter weekend, or for that matter, any time!


All my sin of every kind,

All the thoughts that stain the mind,

All the evil I designed

… laid on Him.


All the ways my feet have strayed,

All the idols I have made,

All the times I have not prayed

… laid on Him.


All the told and acted lies,

All the success and all the tries,

Sins that I legitimise

… laid on Him.


All that sinks me in the mire,

All the times of base desire,

All that needs a cleansing fire,

… laid on Him.


All my misdirected powers,

All my many wasted hours,

All my dreams of ivory towers

… laid on Him.


All that makes my spirit cold,

All that keeps me from the fold,

All that dims my Father’s gold

… laid on Him.


All the times I’ve grieved the Spirit,

All the nature I inherit,

All the punishment I merit

… laid on Him.


Laid on Him, God’s own dear Son,

Laid on Him, the Holy One,

Blotting out the noonday sun

When laid on Him.