Good for Zreika

Good for Haneen Zreika. She is a Muslim player in the women's Australian rules football league, a member of the Greater Western Sydney Giants side. She refused to celebrate ‘Pride’ in a special round designed to promoter LGBTQ+ ideology, on the grounds of her Islamic faith. While offering respect to her gay colleagues, she made it clear she would not compromise her principles. Thankfully her team and league authorities respected her opinions and were pleased to accommodate her dissenting opinion.

Would similar respect be shown to a Christian in Australia? I doubt it. They would be dismissed as bigots, fundamentalists, peddlers of hate and intolerance. I’m grateful for Ms Zreika’s sincerity and I respect her for it, but I marvel at the intolerance shown to Christianity in the countries that were made great by its principles.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay