Gurnall of Lavenham

I had the privilege last summer to visit the church at Lavenham, wherein the great puritan William Gurnall ministered. Here is some rich fare straight from his pantry:

In heaven we shall appear, not in armour, but in robes of glory. But here these are to be worn night and day; we must walk, work, and sleep in them, or else we are not true soldiers of Christ.

Never was a faithful prayer lost. Some prayers have a longer voyage than others, but then they return with their richer lading at last, so that the praying soul is a gainer by waiting for an answer.

We have peace with God as soon as we believe, but not always with ourselves. The pardon may be past the prince's hand and seal, and yet not put into the prisoner's hand.

Would that such a sumptuous feast were being prepared in our own age. Instead, we eat thin gruel, thinking ourselves well-nourished. Never despise the wisdom of a former generation. Their nourishment may taste old fashioned, but it seldom expires.