He Quits the Dark Abode

1 Christians, dismiss your fear;
  Let hope and joy succeed;
  The great good news with gladness hear,
  The Lord is risen indeed.

2 The shades of death withdrawn,
  His eyes their beams display;
  So wakes the sun, when rosy dawn
  Unbars the gates of day.

3 The promise is fulfilled;
  Salvation's work is done;
  Justice with mercy's reconciled,
  And God has raised his Son.

4 He quits the dark abode,
  From all corruption free;
  The holy, harmless Child of God
  Could no corruption see.

5 [Angels, with saints above,
  The rising Victor sing;
  And all the blissful seats of love
  With loud hosannas ring.

6 Ye pilgrims, too, below,
  Your hearts and voices raise;
  Let every breast with gladness glow,
  And every mouth sing praise.]

7 My soul, thy Saviour laud,
  Who all thy sorrows bore;
  Who died for sin, but lives to God,
  And lives to die no more.

8 His death procured thy peace,
  His resurrection's thine;
  Believe; receive the full release;
  'Tis signed with blood divine.

Joseph Hart, Gadsby's Hymns, 487

Image by dozemode from Pixabay