Heart of the Vaccine

Someone at chapel lent me their copy of Heart, a Christian bi-monthly newspaper, covering August and September. People often pass me things to read, and I politely accept. It does me good to see what goes on in Christendom. It is all too easy for a small church pastor in the northlands to become insular and oblivious to the national ‘Christian scene’. I have written about it before, and was generally impressed. This time, I am not so sure. The editorial staff are clearly much exercised by the virus and its vaccine. Here are some quotes and headlines from its latest edition, from a range of articles throughout the publication:

‘Ex-Pfizer scientist: we are being lied to’;

‘Jab reaction [is] unprecedented in the history of medicine’;

‘...this was an intentional bio-weaponisation of spike proteins to inject into people to get them addicted to a pan-coronavirus vaccine…’;

‘...top of the list is vaccines which will lead to genetic modification of the body';

‘Unusual formations in vaccinated blood’.

Well if these headlines are enough to get your blood boiling, or whatever poisoned blood does, a small pink box on page 15 offers Prayer for the release from the effects of the ‘vaccine’, details of which 'would be available on the website'. I duly searched. For something as obviously evil as the vaccine and as vital as a ‘prayer for release’ must surely be, one wonders why it was not easier to locate. The special prayer to ask God's forgiveness for getting vaccinated is in red, with my comments and questions below:

Father, I am sorry not to have trusted you fully regarding my spirit, soul, body, and my future.

I am sorry that I have responded to the ways of the world’s manipulations in receiving the recent vaccine jab.

Was I not trusting God when I was vaccinated against Yellow Fever ahead of my Cuba trip? Are parents who vaccinate their children to protect against infection by meningococcal group B bacteria, yielding to ‘the world’s manipulations’, and in need of repentance? 

I felt it right at the time but I have now come into further revelation knowing that it was not from you.

Having read Heart newspaper, can I truly claim to have come into ‘further revelation’, or am I just again responding (‘I felt’) to information given to me?

I am now aware that I have in my body something that is contrary to your created immune system given to me when born into this generation; for this I am truly sorry.

I am not aware of Heart’s previous campaigns against other vaccinations, which they must surely argue are ‘contrary to God’s created immune system’.

I now recommit my spirit, soul and body to you in Jesus’ name.

I now in your name take authority over and cancel all negative effects from these jabs and loose myself from all future repercussions from them. I now speak to my immune system to take back control of my spirit, soul and bodily protection as ordained by God.

Taking authority over? Loose myself? Speaking to an immune system? This is classic pentecostal/New Apostolic Reformation mumbo-jumbo. Was our immune system ever 'in control' of our spirit and soul?? I am glad it is not in charge of mine. 

I ask you Lord, if you would be generous in your unfailing grace and restore what has been stolen from me, that I may serve you fully with all that I am.

A great prayer to speak at any time- not necessarily after having been vaccinated.

I declare that my spirit, body and soul will be healed and restored according to Psalm 91:5-11, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Okay, only one thing left to do. I’ve taken authority, I’ve loosed, I’ve spoken, now I just need to 'declare', to seal the deal.

If the vaccine is indeed as evil a development as the writers declare, the newspaper is quite right to sound the alarm (though publishing it after the majority of the population has been jabbed seems disingenuous). If they are wrong, they are misleading God’s people in both the theological and medicinal realms, something a Christian publication should never do. One might apply this prayer to protect one from all those vitamin tablets taken over the years, against other medications manufactured in laboratories, against the paracetamol I take- all of which interfere with God's 'natural order'. 

Next to the little box offering the ‘release prayer’ advertises a ‘free healing booklet’, entitled How to renew your youth and live in health. Really? As a Christian, I would say the best way to do this is to die. Redeemed spirits in heaven suffer no illness and their resurection bodies will be forever young. This yearning for lost youth and perfect health is cheap and worldly. Yet this should not come as a surprise. In the paper’s Friendly Churches Near You section is an advert for Sozo Ministries International. While not seemingly a part of Bethel, its teachings appears to be the same. We spent a recent Thursday night dedicated to this dangerous movement, which can be viewed here.

It is with some irony that a newspaper so vexed by the world’s deception and evil should be allowing it to creep into its own pages.