“One of the best tasting of the wild foods available in the UK.”

To what might this statement be referring? It’s from the Wild Food UK website and refers to Hogweed. Some of you, with a knowledge of floral lore, will blanch with horror at such a claim. Giant Hogweed is an incredibly toxic plant, the sap of which bleaches and burns the skin of careless children and gardeners. Regular Hogweed, or Cow Parsnip (above), is a different plant. It is nourishing, whereas the other is harmful.

What of spiritual food? The Word of God, the Bible, is sweeter to the soul than honey to the mouth, and more nourishing. Yet other so-called scriptures also claim to offer spiritual food. They speak of God or gods, of prophets, apostles, angels and demons. Yet they bleach and burn, kill and destroy. Of the gospel message, they remain silent. Ignoring counterfeit scriptures will save much grief, but reading the Bible will open eyes, ears, minds and hearts. Man-made religions and phoney scriptures must not be allowed to put you off the genuine article. Heed their dangers without discarding the truth.