I ho, I ho, off to Gulag I go

Trans-rights activists based at prestigious Goldmiths, University of London, think that people who disagree with them should go to gulags. I guess that’s people like me. When challenged, the group’s Twitter account replied that a gulag was an ‘appropriate’ place to send ‘bigots’, and that such establishments were ‘non-violent’ and ‘compassionate’ places of re-education.

It would seem that these individuals’ mastery of history is even worse than their acceptance of biology. Gulags were forced labour camps, beloved by communist and Nazi dictators, in which a million people are thought to have been worked, starved and beaten to death in the last century.

It’s ok for students to make mistakes and get het up. I have also made comments about things I don’t fully understand and regretted it later. And yet this is not really an isolated instance, but evidence of a shift in our culture that cannot tolerate those it deems ‘intolerant’. Angry university students of today become the Stasi officers and gauleiters of tomorrow.