Improving my Eschatology

Well, well. I have acquired a generous, though anonymous, benefactor, who wishes to improve and correct my theology.
On Friday, I received a volume from the Book Depository, through the post. Costing nearly eighteen pounds, I hasten to add, it is a scholarly defence of postmillenialism. This is the belief that the world will improve and embrace the gospel ahead of Christ's return. I have always rejected this rather optimistic stance, finding premillenialism (the belief that the world will become worse as Christ's return approaches) or amillenialsim (Christ could come at any time) rather more convincing. These are rather simplistic explanations of the three main views, but my preference for pre- and a sympathy for a- has clearly caused someone, somewhere, some concern. I do know of one man who holds this view, and he is privy to my personal address, but he would not call me 'Rev'. 
I would assure this person that I shall read the book he has taken so much trouble to procure, and shall report back on this site my response. Be warned, however. I have a formidable pile of to-read books, so it may take a few weeks.