Inequality, Uniformity and Exclusion

Our beloved NHS is on a recruitment drive. Despite funds being tight and an ominous winter looming, there are important vacancies to fill at many Trusts’ and hospitals’ Equality, Diversity and Inclusion departments. King’s in London is offering £71k to someone who can ‘drive through’ their ‘EDI agenda’. Better still, Derbyshire Foundation Trust pays a whopping £76k per annum just for their ‘Assistant Director of Equality Diversity and Inclusion’.

I have previously argued that the NHS is the British national cult. Its high priesthood of health experts are at the cutting edge of modern morality and acceptable thinking. It must be reassuring to know that the national equality ideology is being safely maintained by our national institutions. Thankfully, our nurses are paid more than enough and work very easy hours, so none of them will feel miffed by these job adverts. Below is some NHS training for white people, who are all inherently racist.