Inskip Bible Convention 2018

For the first time I attended the Inskip Bible Convention on the Fylde last week. It’s the 101st year of operation, and I very much regret not having been to it sooner. Tony Brown (Bradford) gave a great explanation and advice regarding pseudo-Christian cults; Alan Barnett (Bath) shared his testimony of how he was held hostage as a human shield by Saddam Hussein in the first Gulf War and how the Lord strengthened and delivered him; Roger Carswell gave an impassioned plea for greater and better prayer. He urged God’s people to pray like Moses with an urgency, seriousness and perseverance so that the Sovereign God, who condescends to answer mortals’ prayers, might act. Suffice to say, I went home and prayed better than I’d prayed for a long time. 

I’d preached at Crown Lane on the Sunday night which is only a couple of miles away. After hearing Alan, I supped with members of the ubiquitous Parkinson family into the early hours. The rain on my way back was torrential, but the great marquee held its nerve and the adjoining fields used for parking were still firm and drained when we came back on the Monday. This is an event not to be missed and I shall be writing it into next year’s diary.