International Hypocrites' Day

This week hosted International Women’s Day. Various female politicians gave suitably seasonal speeches in Parliament, big businesses made a few token gestures on their websites and various hashtags trended. Yet it is all farce. Our degenerate culture is currently obsessing over banning male and female toilets and declares that gender is simply made-up inside one's head. So a human with testicles may compete in women’s sport if he wants, so long as he reckons himself a female. This surely puts female athletes at a disadvantage, unable to fairly compete against that athlete’s physiological advantages. Labour’s Shadow Women and Equalities Secretary made a video of herself saying Labour would ‘lift women up, and not hold them back’. That very morning, however, when asked to explain what a woman was, she was unable to do so. J.K Rowling replied:

What’s the plan? Lift up random objects until you find one that rattles?

Do not believe all the hype and excitement about supporting women. Western culture in the 2020s is the biggest threat to women there has ever been. The Taliban and their Islamist cronies oppressed women, but they at least deigned to acknowledge their existence. Jesus Christ offers women and men the dignity of being who they were created to be. 

Image by Kat Love from Pixabay