This Iris I observed growing by the canal off Greenberfield Lane in July. It’s a pleasant little flower and unlike many species, it can prosper in boggy places. Furthermore, it has been shown to absorb substances which would otherwise be harmful. In the Czech Republic, it has been used to reduce excessive nitrogen and phosphorus concentrations in wetlands. E. Barbolani's 1986 research at the University of Florence demonstrated the plant’s absorption of cadmium and copper from contaminated waters. So although the plant itself can irritate human skin and is sometimes considered invasive, it helps to clean up its environment. All this is invisible to the human eye; only careful enquiry can detect the plant’s discreet ecological improvement.

I sometimes wonder at the poor state of my heart. I want to be like the Lord Jesus; I have the Holy Spirit dwelling within me and a mind being renewed. I’m set apart for Christ but like a Corinthian, I seldom act as though I were sanctified. Is it not working? Is the Spirit’s transforming presence of no effect? I would suggest that the Holy Spirit often removes poisons and toxins from our souls which we may not be able to discern. He sees them and desires their removal. We fools only notice the big, obvious sins, but the Spirit of God sees all, and deals with each noxious poison in turn.

For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh.

Gal 5:17a