It won’t be Easy Under Albanese

As I arrived in New South Wales this week, a new Prime Minister was being sworn in by Her Majesty’s representative, the Governor-General. Scott Morrison, the out-going PM, was an evangelical Christian and belonged to the Liberal Party. His Labor Party rival, Anthony Albanese, was subjected to a rather catchy, but unsuccessful, piece of electioneering:

It won’t be easy under Albanese

The Liberals are right, but it is not because of some particular deficiency on the new PM’s part. Australians, like Britons at home, are suffering from rising food prices, spiralling energy costs and extortion at the bowser (or 'petrol pump', as we call it back home). It all sounds so familiar, and, like in Britain, Australians look to their government to keep the good times rolling. Mr Albenese, as Labor politicians are want to do, has offered the electorate some tempting increases to the Liberals’ budget. Around the world, governments continue to struggle to honour election bribes and keep low the costs of living. Before we in the West complain and grumble too much, remember it is the poorest people of the world who will suffer most- they always do. As well as dearer commodities, our currencies’ purchasing power diminishes each month as inflation bites and fritters away the pound and the dollar. Our savings accounts are slowly becoming worthless, our comfortable lives dearer to maintain. We Christians have known for 2000 years that wealth and worldly success are but temporary visitors and fleeting friends. As out godless culture adjusts to economic hardship, may it assess its entrenched spiritual poverty. 

Image by Squirrel_photos from Pixabay