Kind of Funny

Last week, the boss at work politely enquired as to my plans for the weekend. I explained that I was going to hear Andy Kind, a Christian comedian. He raised his eyebrows. Like me, he didn’t normally associate those two words. British comics are usually obnoxious foul-mouths with scant regard for God and morality. Christianity is concerned with right-living and right-dying, issues of such gravity that humour is typically considered unnecessary or frivolous. I duly turned up at Kelbrook Village Hall with low expectations, which Mr Kind easily exceeded. I’ll not repeat his jokes- he may have copyrighted them- and they never do sound funny on the second round of telling. Furthermore, he was generally clean, avoiding the need to fill his sentences with Anglo-Saxon adjectives as lazier stand-ups are wont to do. If he was a good comedian, he was an excellent evangelist. The last 15 minutes, though delayed by tardy supper deliveries, included some very winsome explanations of life and our need for Christ.

I had a good night, and enjoyed some seriously funny jokes. More importantly, the name of the Lord Jesus was held in high honour.