Lakenheath Baptist Chapel

The Sunday before last I had the privilege of worshipping at Lakenheath Baptist Chapel. I preached in Norwich in the afternoon, but enjoyed morning and evening worship in the Suffolk village. A Mr Abbot of Bedford preached at both meetings, whose gentle southern accent I found pleasant to the ear. He expounded Peter’s epistle which was helpful. The church sang wonderfully well and the children and young people present listened intently to the preacher.

Much as I love my own church, it is always a treat for me to visit elsewhere. The change of scenery and absence of any responsibility help me to worship better. Furthermore, I try to visit churches with quiet, reverential worship when I go away. They are less given to silly gimmicks and crass expressions. I do not seek entertainment, but spiritual nourishment.

These south folk were friendly, the deacons having me back for a cup of tea before I set off for Northamptonshire. I pray God’s blessing upon the Lord’s people in that village and at that chapel.