Lenten Rose


Lenten Rose, or Helleborus, is another early flower, blooming early spring and for the start of Lent. It is related to the buttercup, which accounts for its ability to spread so quickly, but it is far less invasive than its common little cousin. It is an attractive flower, but difficult to photograph on account of its propensity to ‘look’ down. Whereas most flowers open up towards the sky, this one opens towards the ground. The gardener therefore sees not the flower in all its splendour and must stoop down to raise its head if he is to see more than its outer petals. It is as though the plant has an innate modesty, a sense of restraint. These are not qualities usually sought in a flowering plant, but they are in the Christian. Peter urges the readers of his first epistle:

Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time (5:6).

The Lord desires that we conduct ourselves with humility and meekness. One day, His children shall be exalted. That day is not yet.