Lessons from the AA

The AA provided me with breakdown cover for the past 12 months. They charged me £15 as an introductory rate, which I accepted would rise a little in a year’s time. My renewal came to about fifty pounds, so I phoned up to cancel. The gentleman at the other end suggested he tried to find me a cheaper price to keep my custom. I told him not to bother: if there was a cheaper price, they should have sent me it to start with.

The AA wrote to me again, this time offering motor insurance for around £520. I usually pay around £280, so I threw the letter away. Later on, I performed an internet price comparison, and found the cheapest insurance was £248.27. Guess who was offering it? Yep, the AA. Just quite how it’s cheaper to buy their insurance through a middle-man than it is from them directly baffles me.

One of the advantages- or disadvantages- of living in a capitalist, consumerist culture, is that there are bargains to be had. There are also many bad deals out there which avaricious companies and corporations are only too glad for us to accept.  

The Lord Jesus, in Luke 14, likens one considering the gospel to one commencing an expensive building project. Is there enough capital to cover the costs? Will the job be completed? Will the end result justify the expense? If we are not very good at choosing the best business and insurance deals, we are even worse at considering our actions’ cost to our souls. The AA would have readily over-charged me this month; the world and the devil would gladly rob us of much more.


For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

Mark 8:36