Lessons from Crummackdale: Hungry Sheep

Mr and Mrs W, who farm the dale, took me out on the quad in order to inspect some features of their land. The ride was bumpy but fun, and it was certainly more efficient than walking. As soon as we entered a particular field, we were mobbed by sheep. Daring they were, approaching the quad with a boldness and brashness that surprised me. I am used to sheep running away at my approach, or carelessly ignoring me while they munch. These sheep associated the noise of that engine with the arrival of grains, molasses and other sheepy treats. On this occasion, no delicacies were brought, and those tups and ewes slunk away disappointed. Still, their desire for good food was an interesting lesson.

Week after which, the pulpit at Salem Chapel dispenses spiritual food and scriptural manna; I wish local Christians were as keen to be fed at the sheep of Crummackdale. They ran half a mile at the sound of an engine; some Christians stay in bed each Lord’s Day morning.

“My people perish for want of knowledge!” Hosea 4:6