Little Sins

Two meat-heads were jailed at Birmingham Crown Court on 27 May for drug dealing, receiving seven and six years apiece. It was not some tip off or intel operation which alerted West Midlands police to their nefarious practices, but their driving. They reckoned their time far too precious to sit in heavy motorway traffic, so decided they would zip along the hard shoulder at high speed. Unfortunately, they undertook a patrol car, which offered pursuit. If they had been patient enough to endure the traffic, the £500k of narcotics they were transporting would have been successfully sold for profit. They were not smart enough for that, nor virtuous. Their impatience that day has warranted 6-7 years of Her Majesty’s hospitality during which they might ponder the virtues of forbearance, restraint and good quality driving.

It is often the little sins which expose the greater. A careless word, an angry oath, a sarcastic remark- all betray the presence of concealed turpitude and character flaws which might otherwise have lain undetected. 


Image by ShepherdMedia from Pixabay