Local Christian Radio

On Good Friday, a few of us were handing out leaflets when a gentleman approached me. He was very keen to tell me about his Christian radio station based in Pendle. He returned a little later with a stash of leaflets. I duly attempted to tune in to  the Jim Rose Show. I pressed a button that read ‘Listen Live Now!’ but I got nothing to work. Was my sound not on? Had I not pressed the button enough times? Had I mis-read the programme schedule? Who knows, but I got no local Christian radio. I hope others prove savvier than I. 

On a Saturday night a few weeks later, I successfully tuned in. There was some good Christian music, though the guitars sometimes came close to smothering the words. At least this proves they don’t just play other people’s CDs. It was clearly live or recently recorded, as the leader (with a broad Burnley accent) asked those present to pray for something that had been in the news that day, which they did. Sadly, none of it could be heard by listeners, which felt a tad awkward. The songs were uplifting (‘My soul, my soul will sing’), but not particularly theological or evangelistic, like one of Wesley’s hymns. They did go onto sing O Happy Day, but the male vocalist contrived an American accent, with some amusing results.

For time’s sake, I’m unlikely to become a regular listener, but I wish this venture well. May God bless it and use it to cheer the sorrowful and save the lost.

Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay