Low House Standing Stone

Low House Standing Stone is one of those mysterious megaliths in Cumbria about which no-one seems to know a thing. Between Blencathra and Long Meg stone circle, at Plumpton Head, near Penrith, even the Ordnance Survey has failed to notice it. Yet ancient folk, hundreds of years before the Romans built their great wall, saw fit to erect this stone. Was it a way marker, a meeting place, or a site of sacred significance? Whatever its importance, it is now ignored, a relic from a previous age, a mysterious reminder of a long-forgotten pattern of life.

To many, Christianity is going the same ways. As Great Britain re-paganises, reneging its Christian heritage and embracing godless world views, chapels and churches appear increasingly strange and mysterious to those who pass by. A colleague drove past Martin Top and remarked on how strange it was to see so many cars. Others walk past and awkwardly regard our building which doesn’t close down and become a rich man’s second home. Like the Low House Stone of yester-millennium, the Church of Jesus Christ is going nowhere. It may be persecuted, despised and ignored. It may be threatened by disbelief, schism or heresy, but the very gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

The Church shall never perish.
Her dear Lord to defend,
to guide, sustain, and cherish,
is with her to the end.
Tho' there be those that hate her
and strive to see her fail,
against both foe and traitor
she ever shall prevail.

-SJ Stone