Manchester’s Rich Young Ruler

I think I've found Manchester’s rich young ruler. For those lacking Biblical knowledge, this was a man who approached Jesus enquiring about eternal life. He had everything else, but this thing he lacked. Not liking the answer, he slunk away empty-handed. Our man is called George Lloyd and he was wealthy enough to live at Hulme Hall. He’s a very handsome, well-educated member of the Royal Society (an early science club for the well-to-do) and wears the latest style in floral waistcoats and periwigs. The portrait doesn’t vouch for his piety, but as an eighteenth-century English landowner, I have no doubt he was a zealous and respected member of the Church of England.


Unfortunately, he’s been dead these past 268 years. His brain and waistcoat are now nothing but dust, his house pulled down and his fine, facial features no pleasanter than any other skull’s. The only thing that matters is what he did with Jesus Christ. The only crucial event for any of us is whether or not we accepted or rejected the gospel. Judgement Day will reveal if our Mr Lloyd was wise as well as clever and beautiful.

The portrait hangs at Manchester Gallery.