Married in Haste, Repented in Haste

I was reading a Christian magazine last week, with various contributions from the group’s organisers. Much of it was hand-wringing about the last two years and putting on a brave face. One in particular was brought to my attention:

As some of you know 2021, was a very difficult and challenging year, I stepped out of Gods will and married someone that wasn't in His plan. This was a maturing and pruning process for me, in deep repentance with a sincere heart, I came to Him and He restored me and put me back on the highway of holiness. He moulds and shapes me in his potter's house until I become that perfect vessel.

Although the latter sentence might be true in any context, the former struck me with horror. I have sympathy for any married folk for whom the new relationship is difficult, but this? The marriage evidently lasted 12 months or less. A marriage relationship must be worked upon and made to succeed. How does he know that marrying was not part of God’s plan? He apparently felt it was at the time; why is his current assessment of God’s will more accurate that it was last year when he took his vows? Something tells me that his repentance is more regret at his choice of partner than for taking vows before God which he then went on to break.

Marriage is a picture of God’s relationship to humanity and Christ’s with His church. Divorce is therefore a picture of the Fall. Like singleness, marriage is a challenge and must call for perseverance, just like the Christian life itself.

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay